Life Avaloirs

Life Avaloirs

Following an annual call for projects and a long selection process, the European Commission chooses the most relevant projects. The LIFE Avaloirs Project, led by the Normandie-Maine Regional Nature Park in partnership with the Mayenne Department, was selected in 2018 for a period of 5 years (2018-2023).

It aims to obtain a good state of conservation of the moorland and peatland present on the Mont des Avaloirs and the Corniche de Pail. This will lead to a much more favourable environment for the two emblematic species of the project: the European Nightjar and the Hen Harrier.



Martin answers your questions Mascotte LIFE
  • Why save these environments?

    From the Corniche de Pail to the Mont des Avaloirs, the moorland and peatland have disappeared by 85% over the past 70 years.  The development of trees and ferns gradually suffocates these environments on which many species depend.

  • How to act?

    The 5-year project provides for numerous logging, mowing and re-surfacing sites to allow the moorland and peat areas to re-establish their place and achieve a stable level of conservation. Ultimately, 120 hectares of moorland and 8 hectares of peatland should be restored.

  • Cut trees… why?

    The practice may seem brutal but it is nevertheless essential to the survival of an entire ecosystem. Without this, the moorland, which has already diminished by 850 hectares in 70 years, could represent less than 15 hectares within the next 20 years.

    The plus: the cut trees will then be crushed and reused in local heating plants as a source of energy.