The Team

The Team
  • Benjamin Beaufils

    Benjamin Beaufils

    Project Coordinator

    An outdoor man, Benjamin has a preference for moorland and peatland. Nevertheless, it is possible to find him in a more urban habitat, at the Maison du Parc, writing reports, notes and conventions.

    Benjamin is the Project Coordinator. He checks that the actions implemented are in line with the initial project and is the link between all of its stakeholders: the European Commission, the technical team and the partners. Benjamin loves social interactions, which allow him to have a special bond with our partners. A leader at heart, he leads the project and his team with goodwill and kindness.


  • Caroline Reis

    Caroline Reis

    Project Manager: Management of Natural Environments

    Caroline is the outdoor woman! Always outside, between the Corniche de Pail and the Mont des Avaloirs, she supervises, manages, monitors and also coordinates the sites of the LIFE Avaloirs Project.

    Caroline is responsible for "management of natural environments". In winter, she takes care of restoration and environmental management projects, as well as monitoring the Hen Harriers’ roosts. During the summer months, she looks after the naturalist follow-ups but also the activities raising as much awareness as possible with as many people as possible. Caroline  is passionate about nature and carries out her missions meticulously. She sees the progress of the project “live” - as it happens.

  • Léa Berthet

    Léa Berthet

    Project Communication Officer

    Frequenting anthropophile circles, Léa spends most of her time at the Maison du Parc, installed in her office, where she manages all the information and awareness tools. Attentive to the slightest piece of news, it is possible to see her on the Corniche de Pail or the Mont des Avaloirs armed with her camera.

    Léa is the Project Communication Manager. She ensures that all the tools deployed are aesthetic and understandable to all. Website, brochure, panels, videos, Facebook posts and other links with the press ... it’s Léa who manages it all! She surfs, clicks, scrolls, types… faster than her shadow!

  • Sandrine Foret

    Sandrine Foret

    ENS Technician at the Department of Mayenne

    Located between Laval and the hills of Maine, Sandrine thrives in a privileged way on the remarkable natural sites of Mayenne. Although showing a clear preference for working outdoors, Sandrine is as comfortable on the ground as in a meeting room.

    The only member of the LIFE team from the Mayenne Department, Sandrine is the Environmentally Sensitive Areas technician. She deals more specifically with the works section and departmental land acquisitions. Her knowledge of the local context makes it possible for her to act quickly and sustainably so as to safeguard biodiversity. Curious by nature, she is interested in all subjects related to the environment around the Mayenne hills. If you take a walk on the Corniche de Pail, be on the lookout, Sandrine is surely not far from you.